Learn How to Master the Basics of Traditional Nutrition

Learn How to Master the Basics of Traditional Nutrition

Your schedule may not allow you to do “everything,” but you can definitely master the basics of traditional and real nutrition faster than you may imagine with Sherrin’s Mastering the Basics of Traditional Nutrition and Meal Planning Home Study System. In this system, Sherrin serves up proven strategies that she and her clients have successfully used to help merge traditional nutrition wisdom with their modern lifestyles. Sherrin will teach you how to develop an arsenal of nutritious foods and recipes, and then teach you how to plan meals that you will have time to prepare and eat! These are...

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Coconut Kefir – What Exactly Is Coconut Kefir?

Coconut Kefir

Coconut kefir is made by soaking kefir grains in water and then pouring it all in a coconut until it ferments. Coconut kefir is not to be confused with the more commonly known coconut milk. Coconut milk is made from the fleshly part of...

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Kombucha Benefits – More Efficient Digestion Means A Greener Gut For You


Author: Hannah Crum   These days, we all want to improve energy efficiency. Our homes, cars, appliances and workplaces are optimized for savings. Quick quiz: What one activity does your body devote the greatest amount of energy to every day? The answer: Digestion! Surprised?...

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Raw Milk Vs Pasteurized Milk


Author: Jonathan Hostetler   What’s the big deal about what kind of milk is best to drink? Well, it’s actually very important to know how raw milk differs from pasteurized milk. Making the right choice can greatly improve your life and help you avoid...

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The Benefits of Eating Sprouted Grains

Sprouted Grains

Author: Becki Andrus   Sprouted grains are rich in natural vitamins and enzymes, and more and more people are starting to eat sprouted grains in an effort to incorporate beneficial food into their daily meals. Sprouted grains are different from whole grain in that:...

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The Hazards of Overcooking Your Food

Overcooked Food

Author: Sharon Nixon   Everyone knows the importance of eating more healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. But the way they are processed can significantly affect their nutritional value. Often making small changes in how we cook our foods can make a big...

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