The Mastering the Basics of
Meal Planning System

Traditional Nutrition
Your schedule may not allow you to do “everything,” but you can definitely master the basics of traditional and real nutrition faster than you may imagine with Sherrin’s Mastering the Basics of Traditional Nutrition and Meal Planning Home Study System. In this system, Sherrin serves up proven strategies that she and her clients have successfully used to help merge traditional nutrition wisdom with their modern lifestyles. Sherrin will teach you how to develop an arsenal of nutritious foods and recipes, and then teach you how to plan meals that you will have time to prepare and eat! These are real world strategies to help you meet the day-to-day challenges of eating healthy in a fast-food world.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Action Guide VOLUME 1: The Bottom Line, Straight to the Point Guide to Nourishing Traditional Foods
    Sherrin provides you with a solid understanding of traditional nutrition and then takes you through the
    basic components of traditional nutrition

  • Action Guide VOLUME 2: The Most Powerful Meal Planning System Available to Eat Right and Have Nourishing Meals Everyday
    Sherrin provides step-by-step instructions and the meal planning templates that she and her clients use to think through their nutritional needs and plan out the contents and preparation of meals.

  • Audio  #1: The Bottom Line, Straight to the Point Guide to Nourishing Traditional Foods
    This is the audio version of Action Guide Volume #1. This is for those who are more likely to get started in this process if they can listen to the information while driving or doing some other activity.

  • Audio #2: The 8 Guiding Principles for Merging Traditional Nutrition Wisdome Into Your Modern Lifestyle.
    Sherrin provides powerful strategies for incorporating the traditional nutrtion basics into your busy lifestyle.
  • Audio #3: The 10 Meal Planning Steps for Having Nourishing Meals EVERYDAY!
    Sherrin provides a step-by-step process for planning your nourishing meals.

AND… AS A SPECIAL BONUS, you’ll get LIFETIME membership to the Traditional Nutrition Wisdom web site. With membership, you’ll have access to future updates of the “Mastering the Basics…” system AND you’ll get access to tip sheets, special reports, templates and other information Sherrin makes available on this site AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!

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Meal Planning

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